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KeePass – free program for managing usernames and passwords

Have you been asked How many different usernames and passwords using? E-mail, forum, facebook, corporate computer, Online Banking, e-davki, FTP, and-šola, e-davki, Skype,… Even if you use the same password everywhere (which can be very dangerous) I believe, it is hard to remember the user name itself. Let alone the passwords… You will know a free program, you can be very helpful.

What the program offers? Easy and safe storage of our login information in one place and end with your difficulties in finding and uncommon “uganjevanju” Passwords. Even in the Slovenian language.

On which devices can I use the program? Most often you will use on your PC (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X,…) or even better on mobile devices – npr. iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, giving you your password at hand. Do you have it can be stored on a USB stick – as a portable software. Convenient but not!

Where can I get the program? Free Download appropriate version downloaded from the website

Whether the program is safe to use? Access to the program you can protect your passwords with one master password (can also be added to the file with the key and / or with the login information to your computer). The master password is protected by 256 bit key, which increased by home, that the protection of a very good (comparable to the solutions used in banks, security organizations,…).

Ideas of how to create a good password can be found in the article How to choose the easy and secure password You can also use the tool to create passwords, by the KeePass can be found in the tab Tools / Generate password.

As you can see in the picture above, which shows the main window of the program KeePass, You can see all your login data stored in each category – for example,: E-mail, Leisure, Work or similar.

Individual login details entered in a selected category - name password, website address, Username, Password – here is where we see the “quality” or the strength of your password. If you want to use advanced KeePass you will not be disappointed because you will be able to investigate several additional tabs to set individual passwords.

And this is the basis of this. Simple but not? Now you can finally for each of your login data quality afford password.

What are the the benefits of using KeePass, to be highlighted:
- Safety (256-bit)
- free, open source software
- portability
- Automatic input of user data
- Password Generator
- flexibility

Remember a few – your master password for access to the KeePass, because without it …



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